Carmina Novoa Hernández
Born in Havana, Cuba 1989. Lives and works in San Diego, California.

Carmina grew up in Miami’s vibrant Art community and attended New World School of the Arts’ legendary Visual Arts High School program. She  has a defined interest in culture(s); specifically  literature, language and civil rights. Miami’s unique cultural panorama has been of great importance in shaping her as a person and artist.

Carmina went on to complete a 4 year Bachelors of Fine Arts program at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, earning a BFA and Minor in Sociology from Tufts University.

During her training as a student, she produced a series of works defined by impacting expression, emphasizing graphical traces and confident brushstrokes. Her interest in self-portraiture & portraits have leaked into narrative figuration and abstraction of organic subjects. Always, though, the “portraits” seek to portray a specific story ambiguously enough to remind the viewer that it may even be their story.

Novoa currently live in San Diego, where she focuses on research and social activism which fuels her passion and practice of visual arts.

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